An abundance has been talked in the papers not long ago about the bingo industry being hit as a consequence of the cigarette ban in the United Kingdom. Things have grown so bad that in Scotland the Bingo industry has called for huge tax cuts to assist in keeping the businesses from going bankrupt. However will the online adaptation of this traditional game present a lifeline, or might it in no way compare to its real life equivalent?

Bingo has been an age old game historically played by the "blue haired" generation. In any case the game recently had seen a recent return in appeal with younger men and women deciding to hit the bingo parlors instead of the bars on a Friday night. This is all about to change with the introduction of the anti cigarette law across UK.

Players will no longer be able to puff on cigarettes while marking off their numbers. Starting in the summer of 2007 every public place will no longer be permitted to allow cigarettes in their buildings and this includes Bingo halls, one of the most favorite places where players enjoy smoking.

The effects of the anti smoking law can already be looked at in Scotland where smoking is already illegal in the bingo parlours. Players have dropped and the industry is absolutely fighting for its life. But where have all the players gone? Of course they have not forgotten this ancient game?

The answer is on the internet. Gamblers realize that they can enjoy bingo in front of their computer whilst enjoying a beer and cig and in the end, enjoy big cash rewards. This is a recent phenomenon and has happened bordering on perfect with the ban on smoking.

Of course gambling on online is unlikely to replace the communal aspect of going over to the bingo hall, but for a group of players the law has left a lot of bingo players with little choice.